Getting Started

A basic introduction how to use game creatio for absolute beginers from start to finished you will learn all thats needed to start up a game.

This is the complete beginner guide to using the game developer to make a simple game. The first step is to get up and running and see title screen. You can register and login using your Google Account. If you already have register please skip to the ______ step.


We begin by click the Create button on the top of the page. This will take you to the Google login page first time and it will ask for your access to the account to be used as a login/register medium. Please read the term of service and processed. We do not have access to any of you private information and only using this service to eliminate pointless register form filling and provide a fast & efficient experience to the user. Refer to the screen shot bellow for demonstration.

By clicking "Allow" you are almost registering for our site without actually providing any details. Google is keeping them safe and secure. Now that you have registered, we need one more thing before you can start creating games, store files on your Google Drive.


We need to store all your game assets & files somewhere, why not store it in your own Google Drive so only you have access to it ? Everyone with a Google account has access to a Google Drive. We are asking your permission to store files on your Google Drive, we cannot view or modified your private files, only view files we create. Refer to the screen shot bellow for demonstration.

If you "Allow Access" you are done. That all you need to do. You will not be prompted to do this again and now the Authentication out of the way, we will proceed to make some games.


The first thing you see once you load the is the beautiful splash screen of the app, demonstrated to the side. This may take some time the first time it loads as its creating a folder on you Google drive to store all your game assets and files.

Once the files are created this also loads all the images of the tool and does some background check to make sure that everything is ok and your ready to make games.


Once you tool is loaded you will see the main game hub area where all your future games will be displayed. Right now you might now have any games but we will soon create them. Refer to the screen shot bellow.

We can create a new game by clicking the "New Game" button. I nice dialog will be display for your new game creation. Enter your Cool game title and click "Create". Refer to screen shot bellow:



Now you have an active game in your game gub. You can double click it to open it and a beautiful editor will open before your eyes. Bellow is the description of the Tool.

Tools - Aare the entities to provides to move and manipulate the materials and entities you have on the screen. The dragging and dropping resizing tools are automatically selected for you when you hover over an layer/entity.

Canvas - Is the main area where you will be working ok. You can drag and drop entities on this screen or double click to add an selected element to your mouse position.

Material Preview - Is the preview of the currently selected element, great to know which element your currently working with.

Game Entities - You can create new game entities from this screen. Be it a Player Instance of a Enemies Prototype.

Game Layers - All your elements can be distributed into layers. This provides organization true out your game.


We can begging by dragging onto the screen some game assets(Images) and they will be uploaded to cloud. Refer to the diagram:

So you can easy import assets to the tool. We can view our imported asset in the material browser by clicking "Browse", I uploaded some Mario image work for example.

You can select an material by clicking it. It will display on the Material preview and you can click on the canvas (double click) the material will be place. Try it out.


You can save you progress by going to Menu->File->Save and giving this level a name. I will call it "cool_level" for this demonstration.

Next time you open the editor, you can open by going to Menu->File->Open and select the level. All your assets will be loading on the canvas automatically. This is a really great and complex feature we provides to you, the end user. You can have as many games as you want, as many assets (images/etc.) and as many game levels. The freedom and customization is there for you.