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Game Creatio is an online tool that provides for both beginners and professionals to develop unique games without being restricted by operating systems, browsers or specific devices. With the new HTML5 standart, any imaginable game can now be created and played all within the browser without any aditional plugins or downloading.

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Top Features

Cloud Hosting.

Cloud computing hosted by Google App Engine which provides scalabity just in case of heavy traffic to your games. Google servers have an uptime of 99.99% so you can never be interupted from creating your games.


The tool can be used on multiple machines without any installations or project management tools. You can be working on your PC then later continue developing on another device from where you left off. The progress is safe and sound on the cloud.

Google Drive

Your game files will be securely stored on your own Google Drive account. This provides aditional securilty as only you can see and view your files on Google Drive. All you need is to be signed up for Google Drive and we will take care of the rest.

Browser Support!

We support the latest modern browsers and without the need of any additional plugins. If you have an internet connection and a browser you can create your games immediately. Best of all, the games also run on the browser so anyone can play your masterpiece.

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About us

We are here to create new generation of software and becouse the recent trends to move towords the web, we are able to create advanced tools with support of many operating systems and internet browsers by using complex api's like jQuery and Foundation for front end site layouts.